The 3 Month Membership solely focussed on accountability, implementation and integration.

22 July - 22 October

Momentum is the membership you never knew you needed.

[Or maybe you did, but you haven't found it yet].

Where most memberships drown you in content and calls that overwhelm, we decided to create something different:

A space for you to implement and integrate. 

That holds you accountable to your goals.

 No content. No training. Just an accountability structure that ensures you get tasks done and projects finished... finally. 

Using our tried and tested implementation process used in our certifications [that get a 96% completion rate]

Kerrie Leather - our Success Mentor - will crack her loving whip, and ensure you stay on track with your goals. You'll get more done in this membership in 3 months than you have all year.

Who Is Momentum For?

Momentum is for both early stage and established, online service business owners who are looking for accountability to get stuff done.

We've timed the start to coincide with the summer holidays, so you don't hit September feeling like you've abandoned your business and you don't know where to start (yup, we've all been there!).

You know you could achieve so much, you just need something to hold you accountable and empower you to take action. Because left to your own devices, that washing pile looks more attractive than your 'to do' list.

Let's change that, shall we?

Not sure if it's right for you?

Book a free 15 minute no-obligation call here with Kerrie to ask any questions

Hi, I'm Kerrie, Success Mentor at The Lighthouse and Gemma's right-hand woman.

Gemma and I co-created a powerful implementation and integration system that we use with our students and clients, and it gets incredible results.  Clients who have struggled to implement in the past, are moving forwards and taking action - fast. 

Accountability is the one thing most online business owners say they need, but they rarely get it in the masterminds and programs they invest in - where they're expected to be 'self led' and 'take action' on their own.

Which is why Momentum was created. 

Momentum Includes:

Facebook community with daily momentum posts to keep you inspired and moving forwards.  

Weekly Planning + Inspiration Session to map out your week and ensure optimum performance.  

Weekly drop-in co-working session to body double and be with others as you all crack on together.  

Weekly drop-in nervous system regulation session to get support when you need it.  

Monthly 30 day planning call to review your month, spot gaps and friction points, celebrate your wins and map out your next 30 days.  

Momentum success dashboard to track progress.  

You can pick and choose which of these best suit you. There's no need to join the facebook group, or show up to a particular call, if that's not what you need.

The love child of a mastermind and a membership, Momentum's focus is on supporting you to make big, bold moves in your business.

It's where you come to implement those other courses and programs that are gathering virtual dust and creating shame at yet another investment wasted.

Or, you have an action plan (maybe you're launching in the autumn) and you want Momentum to give you an accountability structure to make sure you implement it.

Just think of the direct impact being held accountable to your goals will have, with a proven implementation system that will at least double your output.
  • When does the membership start?
    We start on the 22nd July and it runs until 22nd October, unless it goes brilliantly, in which case we'll keep it open as a membership and you can stay with us, all smug that you locked in a founders rate for LIFE.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the level of commitment and type of support provided in the delivery of this immersive, refunds are not provided. This experience is strictly for people committed to getting results.
  • What time are the calls?
    Accountability calls with Kerrie are at 2pm BST on Mondays.

    Co-working with Alex is at 9.30am BST every Tuesday (starts 6th August).

    Jo's nervous system flow sessions are at 2pm BST every Tuesday.

    Kerrie's 30 day planning calls are on the first Wednesday of every month at 1.30pm BST.

    Please note there may be a couple of changes to these times due to holidays.


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