Money plateaus and beliefs around what we can and cannot have is a common challenge amongst our clients and one of the first things we work on with them to help them to heal and clear those age old beliefs that hold them back. 

We have a powerful set of modalities we use to meet our clients where they're at, instead of forcing them into techniques they don't get on with.  

And now, we're delighted to announce that we've made this powerful set of modalities available to our community for a super affordable price.  

Move through your money plateaus as you clear old money stories and build capacity to receive, readying yourself for those big money goals. 

 We use a powerful combination of modalities to clear your money blocks.  

These include:  
△ Subconscious Reprogramming 
△ Emotional Freedom Technique 
△ Nervous System Recalibration 
△ Embodiment Rituals 
△ Somatic Exercises 
△ Meditation 


Because no matter how much success you've had, you feel like something is holding you back. 

You might have tried the quick fixes. You might have tried a few of these modalities. But you haven't tried them together, not like this. 

Our approach takes care of mind, body and soul. Beautifully packaged up into bite sized, immersive experiences you can do at home, while you continue to run, and grow, your business.


A powerful set of modalities and exercises that you can work through at your own pace, all designed to help remove money blocks to get you to your next goal.  

'Limitless Money and Wealth' Subconscious Reprogramming.

Nervous system recalibration exercise

Breathwork infused with our theme of Money + Wealth to support the subconscious reprogramming.

2 x Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) videos to clear money blocks.

A powerful meditation that will support you in your wealth transformation journey

Embodiment Rituals including: Daily mantras or affirmations, journalling prompts and future scripting.

Somatic exercises to support your mind, body and soul.

This bundle is one of our modules in Ascension, The six month journey that combines subconscious reprogramming, energy editing, nervous system recalibration and embodiment practices to support your mind, body and soul as you rise to the next level.

This is what Lesley has to say about it: 

"Since starting the program and doing the work my business has exponentially grown. This month I had my first ever 25k month! I totally put this down to the amazing deep work in Ascension." 

Lesley Calvo,
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The Lighthouse Business Academy was founded by multi-award-winning entrepreneur Gemma Went who brings over 22 years of business experience and almost a decade of those in the online coaching space, helping clients to create sustainable soul-led businesses as they create their own six, multi-six and seven figure success stories. 

Standing tall we take our role as a 'lighthouse' seriously, shining our light on ethical, sustainable ways to 'be' and 'do' online. 

We're here to create a legacy of lighthouses through our clients and graduates, all shining their lights brightly, creating their own impact. 

We do this in two ways: 

By helping coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs scale a sustainable business they love with our Scale with Soul Method. 

By training and certifying a new wave of online business coaches and consultants with ethics, results and client care at their core through our Conscious Growth Framework. 

Our company-wide Soul Led Success approach embodies our commitment to mastery and legacy, supported by our CPD Accreditation as an approved Training Centre, with a range of CPD Accredited programs.

The Lighthouse Business Academy is a trading name of Gemma Went Ltd.